About Me


I am a [somewhat] youthful Jamaican girl, whose love for travelling can perhaps be attributed to the weird fact that my “family-nights-out” as a child, were spent at the airport watching planes take off. Since then, I’ve found myself returning to many airports watching countless planes take off, having visited 12 countries and lived in 4 (Jamaica, USA, England, Germany).

I must mention that I am a giga-normous foodie (not always in terms of weight, but definitely in terms of appetite). As such, my stories may inevitably include food recommendations (I hope you won’t mind- don’t worry, calories aren’t contagious).

Looking back, I realize the motif of travel has “traveled” with me throughout life. What’s interesting is that I have taken trips as a student, a married couple and as a parent. I’ve shared these various experiences with you so you can benefit from them depending on your stage in life. Most importantly, I am a lover of bargains, so I will always be sharing ways you can cut down on spending and enjoy a trip without returning home with a strained pocket.

So get ready! It’s time to “check-in” and stop watching planes take off- I’ll convince you to get on one yourself!

One Love,
Joelle Hibbert